Monday, February 2, 2009

SPHO-NJ Meeting Tonight


Just getting ready for the meeting tonight. Alison, the president fell yesterday and broke her wrist, so she will not be attending. Helene is in Vegas with her husband Jeff at a USTA meeting until Friday, so she will not be in attendance either. It looks as though it will be a kinda short meeting. At least that is what you always think. Most of the conversation I think will be on the banquet Sunday. I am guessing there will not be much else for us to talk about with everyone out. The rulebooks will be a short discussion also as they are soon to be out. Ok well thanks for reading and I have to go. Have a great Monday. The weather was really nice here in NJ today, but guess what. It is gonna end tonight.


1 comment:

  1. Wonderful, another Standardbred Blog. Hopefully you will get lots of visitors and they will see how great these guys really are.

    Gonna snow up here tonight but it was like mid March here today I mean we even had MUD.

    See you Sunday, I'm bringing a truck again this year that's what happens when 2 of us come from New England together. LOL