Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking Back!

As I sit here thinking about what I could have messed up for the upcoming banquet, I am thinking about what my horse has accomplished in 2008. If I can talk about him without doing to much bragging. First of all, my biggest win of the year, well take that back, my show career was at the National Championship Standardbred Horse Show. The Showmanship & Grooming Class, it was huge 22 entries all dressed to impress and ready for action. I knew I could do good in the class, but you see my horse can at any time decide there is a ghost somewhere and it will eat him. So, nervous as all get out we did our pattern, and I knew as I finished and I had the worlds biggest smile that we did our best pattern of the year or his young career for that sake. Win or lose we did our best, the class took over an hour and we went early, so we stood at attention forever. When the numbers where announced and I was the winner, I am a sissy and I admit I cried! I was so happy! This was a big win and one I will never forget.

Now looking back at the standardbred shows and open shows we have done. At one open series we are Grand Champion in the Model Division, thus beating those ummm what are they called yeah thats right Quarter Horses! A couple other breeds too, TB Ponies etc. Another series I only showed in three out of the six shows and ended up fourth overall, so I was impressed! Again open competition! The bigger of the three open series CJHA I was fourth in Open Model for year end and let me tell you the competition was fierce! In the two western divsions we were fourth and fifth respectively. Thus us only doing showmanship and everyone else riding also! So, I was extremely happy.

For SPHO-NJ and National Year End Awards, In Hand Champion, Demo Reserve. 5th place overall standardbred, and one of my proudest and my goal for the year the Rookie Horse Award. It is a national award and it can only be won in your horses first year of showing. So, saying this it was a big accomplishment for a team that only shows in hand. Did we got to a lot of shows your damn right. That was my goal and I intended to reach it. Our job is not hard, but it very hard and time consuming competing in beauty pageant after beauty pageant. LOL that is what it felt like after a while. LOL I am gonna be on animal planet, like these mothers that push their children to do these contest before they can even think for themselves. Hehe. I can say one thing I beat alot of those "show horses" that people pay big bucks for. $$$ Haha. My free standardbred just beat your Blue Blooded Show Horse. Not bragging but it was fun!!!!

Well, I am gonna get back to work on some banquet things to tie up loose strings. Again, thank you for reading come back soon, and I hope to see you at the banquet this weekend. I am thrilled!!!!!

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  1. YAY Larry! :D You can brag all you want, buddy. You and he earned it!!!

    Oh, any way you can make your font a little bit bigger? Ya, I know I am a PIA, but my eyes hurt! LOL! :D