Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now it is really cold!

Hi it Thursday morning, it is really cold, like 8 degrees without the windchill! Like holy cow, three days ago it was 56 degrees and on Sunday it will be that again. Can someone please explain that to me? It is really making it hard for all of us who work outside, we can't get our bodies acclimated to anything. Well, I am hoping our two year olds don't have to go out today, it is gonna be a long and busy day for me. I am going to go pick all the trophies for the banquet. Then I have to go over each one individually to check for spelling errors and things like that. I am excited trust me but I get very nervous since last year when I misspelled one members name on all her trophies. That is not funny!!! I am so sorry if you are reading my blog! Now, this year I have already misspelled another ladies name in the banquet book. I guess as much as I hate to admit it, I am not perfect after all! Well, lets hope we don't have any mistakes!?! Will chat at you again tonight if I have time. Lets Hope it is good news!?!

Have a nice day!
Thanks for reading!!!!!

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  1. Well, guess what? That was me that you misspelled and it is just fine. was exciting enough to do so well, never mind my name! LOL! :D I am excited too!