Sunday, April 5, 2009

First two shows of the year!

Well, we are off to are great start for 2009. Our first two shows went well and Larry has been greatly rewarded.

March 29th we attended the first show of the series at Handi Acres. Our Pleasure Model Classes went well. Model Geldings, FIRST out of three. Open Model FIRST out of six. What a way to start the year. Champion in a Model Division!!! Go Lar!! Next it was the Showmanship Division. Not many entries, so we decided to do one pattern and have it count for both classes. (Adult Showmanship & Open Showmanship) What a mistake. Larry being a professional I said I would go first. This being the second mistake! All was well, doing our pattern when a few kids thought it was a GREAT idea to pound on the outside of the indoor wall. Well, Lar, no longer a professional at this point thought it would be cute to rear up go in a circle and not trot at all. LOL so now we end up SECOND out of three. Thus making us Reserve Champion in Showmanship Division. We took two other horses from our barn.(mind you we race STBS) The first was a STB at his first show, showing for my boss' girlfriend Tina. He was wonderful, green but great. The other a grey app pony named April and she won the Showmanship Division. Yes, this mean I got beat by the pony from our barn that I wanted to bring! Go Figure!

Today, April 5th we(Larry & I, Tina & Simple Majority, and Helene and JB) went to the Meadow. As we pull in I see all these horses for the Model Class. Paints, TB, Ponies, and QH. DAMN!! I am done I told Helene. She says are you crazy you are heads above these ugly things. Not believing her I told her to be quiet before someone hears her. Running late, I hurry up to enter and get myself and Larry ready. Had time to do two torts down and back for warm up and then right into the ring. He stacks perfect, looks amazing, but when it comes time to trot, no lets look like a STB and carry my head high. SHIT!!! Blew it I thought! The second half of the trot was okay however. Back to the line up we went to get our punishment. When the judge called 339 to line up in a new line. HMMM I thought, now if I can keep him from acting a fool for five more minutes I might be ok. All, went as normally planned and he WON out of six. So many people came up to me a 28 year old crying so called GROWN man and and congratulated me and told me how beautiful he is. After the class I went to the judge and ask if there was anything I could improve on. She replied. " He looks great, nice top line, perfect weight and muscle, but he could have more manners at the trot." I told her. "Yeah, not sure where that came from, he is normally better". As I was getting ready to walk away she added. "The grooming on that horse is amazing, keep up the good work." Man did that make me proud!

Now it was time for Helene and Tina to show off their STBs. Helene went in seven classes with 1 win, four seconds, one third and one fourth. Man was she happy last week she was trying to give him away. Now, Tina, showing in America for only her and her horses second time went in four classes and ended up with one third, one fourth and a six all of these classes for her and Helene had six or more horses. GREAT JOB!!

Our next show is on April 19th at CJHA and April 26th back at the Meadow.

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!


  1. GREAT work all of you! What a great win for you today. I love the pics on FB. :)

  2. Congrats again Rob. How did you get Larry's coat in such good shape?

  3. I am using Swedish Horse Power and McCaulleys feed I am telling you they are a great combo...Look uo Lella Montgomery on my FB for more info

  4. HMMMM could Part of him looking so good could be the SPECIAL bubble wrap that Dreamy and Duncan gifted him with??

    Seriously good for you guys out there showing folks what Standardbreds are all about.

    I have the Blessing of the Horses here in RI on the 26th and then the RI SPCA fund raising ride on May 3rd. I am sure Duncan will be the only Standardbred around at both of these events I am hopeful he'll do the breed proud.

    Keep up the GREAT work guys.